1. Run ZiNET Console from the desktop shortcut or by click the Windows 'Start' menu -> 'All Programs' -> 'ZiNET' -> 'ZiNET Console'


2. Select the required service from the connection list and click Connect or Click or 'Setup'

3. The Console will open


4. Select Proxy from the Application Menu


5. Enter the proxy information.

  1. Auto Detect Proxy Settings - This will import proxy information from Internet Explorer or the Operating System.
  2. Use Custom Proxy Settings - This will use the information entered in the fields below.
  3. Do Not Use Any Proxy Settings - This will force ZiNET Connect not to use and proxy settings from Internet Explorer or the Operating System.

6. Click Save

  • If the fields turn light green the save has been successful
  • if the fields turn red the save has failed and you should contact ZiNET Data Solutions support.