Application Installation

This guide describes how to install a new ZiNET Connect installation on Windows using the automated 'Windows Installer'.

Please Note: Some anti-virus or other Internet security tools may interfere with the ZiNET Connect installation process and prevent the process from completing successfully. If you experience or anticipate experiencing such an issue with your anti-virus/Internet security tool, disable this tool first before proceeding with the ZiNET Connect installation.

Download the ZiNET Connect Installer

The installer can be downloaded from here

Run the ZiNET Connect Installer

Please Note: To install ZiNET Connect as a service, the Windows Installer must be run using a Windows administrator account. While you can run the Windows Installer with a non-administrator account, your installation options will be much more limited.

Please Note: If ZiNET Connect is already installed skip this section and follow the Install New Connector Instance section.

1. Run the '.exe' file to start the installation wizard.

Please Note: If a Windows 7 (or Vista) 'User Account Control' dialog box requests if you want to allow the installation wizard to make changes to your computer, specify 'Yes'. If you do not, the installation wizard will have restricted access to your operating system and any subsequent installation options will be limited.

2. Click Next

3. Accept the default location and click Next.

4. Click Install and click Yes if asked by the operating system if you wish to install

5. Click Install and click Yes if asked by the operating system if you wish to install

6. The installation process will install files and start services.

7. Click Close when the installation has completed and ZiNET Connect has been successfully installed.